About Us

Celebrating Fans

What A Fan was created the summer of 1998 in Los Angeles California. The concept was developed for television to provide an insightful look into the interesting lives of fanatical sports fans. In the year 2000 we hired a production company to produce a pilot episode. Over the next year we would solicit networks and distribution companies looking for a deal. In the spring of 2001 we secured the opportunity we were looking for and began interviewing NFL super fans. In September 2001 everything changed, what was the most exciting time for all of us quickly went up in flames. What A Fan was placed on the back burner for nearly ten years and in 2010 we decided to bring the project back to life. The internet was now a huge part of life and provided new opportunities for What A Fan and we went to work. In November of 2011 we relaunched the project in a big way, we partnered with NBA City in Universal City Orlando with the first live online broadcast. We interviewed sports fans during their tailgating activities in cities across the country in real time. What A Fan was back!  

Televised sporting events, the internet and social media now provided fans with new opportunities to build popularity all over the world. Fans are no longer just ambient noise filling stadiums and arenas in all genres of sports, they’ve become an integral part of the entire sporting experience.  What A Fan is committed to presenting amazing stories of devoted  fans.  Our efforts to celebrate fans of all genres for their contributions to the sports industry, is an asset to the leagues and teams the fans support.

In 2014 What A Fan aggressively expanded our efforts to include International sports fans around the world. It is our mission to show our appreciation for dedicated spectators. No matter what the sport is, soccer, american football (NFL), basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB), hockey (HNL) or auto racing, fanatic sports fans continue to be a valuable piece of a very large pie...

2011 What A Fan Relaunch