PAAD What A Fan Charities

paad what a fan charities

Compassionate Fans

PAAD What A Fan Charities is our 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to making our communities a better, by maximizing the efforts of compassionate sports fans around the country. We have galvanized empathetic fans across the nation committed to dedicating their time, influence and resources to assist meaningful community Causes. We are devoted to helping local organizations achieve greater awareness and increase fundraising efforts by connecting passionate sports fans willing to champion their Cause. In 2011 we introduced an initiative to fight child abuse of any kind in connection with Boston Family Services and New England Patriots star receiver Rob Gronkowski. Today that program is called Fans Against Child Abuse. Our Mission is to provide assistance to worthy programs, connect responsive fans with volunteer opportunities, stimulate an interest in community service, protect and encourage our youth.

Over the years we have been very active in our efforts. We have been fortunate to have the confidence of selfless individuals that have bought into our mission. We realize there are several fans, clubs and tailgate groups looking for ways to make a difference in their city and just need direction or advice. Sometimes a simple introduction to the right situation is all that's needed. In other circumstance we may need to provide sponsorship assistance with events planned, share giveaway items and or care packages to existing programs our network of fans are involved with. Whatever the need we'll do all we can to help. The child abuse awareness campaign we introduced in 2011 is near and dear to our team. We renamed the program in 2014 and launched it internationally. We provided free banners to fans around the world to stimulate a dialog advocating against abuse of any kind. We are proud of Fans Against Child Abuse and hope you join us, your donation of time or money will go a long way.